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$10,000 of gratis marketing and promotional services for one SA charity, not-for-profit or volunteer organisation

There are so many incredible, committed, passionate and hard working charities, not-for-profit and volunteer organisations in our South Australian community, and sadly, many have limited funds available to invest in their marketing and promotions.

That’s where Big Picture – the ‘Give Back’ Initiative can help. Every year, we ‘give back’ to one South Australian organisation by providing gratis services up to the value of $10,000.

Big Picture – the ‘Give Back’ Initiative was launched in 2012 by Quisk Design; providing gratis design services to a South Australian organisation. After a strong show of support we continued the initiative in 2013 and 2014. This year, in 2015 we are thrilled to have Mackbel Films and Print Solutions, two wonderful South Australian businesses, also support the initiative by providing gratis services.

The successful recipient may be eligible to receive one or more of the following services:

  • website design and development
  • print design
  • social media consulting
  • 1-2 minute online promotional video
  • $2,000 of printing services

Nominations are open in the month of July at which time we call on the South Australian community to nominate their favourite and/or most deserving charity, not-for-profit or volunteer organisation.


Winner - 2013 Asia Pacific Region Business Excellence Awards - Most Community Impact

Quisk Design were announced the winners of the 2013 Asia Pacific Region Business Excellence Award in the category of Most Community Impact. This award was in recognition of the annual 'Big Picture - The Give Back Initiative'.



The finer details...

Q: When do nominations open/close?
A: Nominations open from Friday 1st July 2016 and close on Sunday 31st July 2016
Q: How can I nominate an organisation?
A: Simply fill out the Nomination Form during the month of July
Q: I work with or am part of an organisation that should be nominated, can we self-nominate?
A: Absolutely!
Q: Can an organisation be nominated more than once?
A: Multiple nominations from the public will be accepted for the same organisation so spread the word to your supporters!
Q: When will the successful recipient be announced
A: Early August 2016

2015 Recipient

Foundation 21We are proud to announce that the 2015 Big Picture – The ‘Give Back’ Initiative has been awarded to foundation 21.

foundation 21’s aim is to enhance and support existing services and to raise the public’s awareness of the positive contributions individuals with Down syndrome make in our community. The team of volunteers are dedicated to helping ease the financial burden placed on families who have a child with Down syndrome. Without financial assistance some families may never have access to the extra services that their child requires.

The Quisk Design, Mackbel Films and Print Solutions teams are very excited to work with Foundation 21 to help realise their marketing goals and potential promotions.

Big Picture – The Give Back Initiative will re-open in July 2016.

Previous Recipients

Introducing our Previous Recipients


Zaire Foundation Australia

Central Domestic Violence Service
(Zahra Foundation Australia)

The establishment of the Zahra Foundation Australia was initiated by Zahra’s children and Central Domestic Violence Service to support women and their children to live a life free of violence and attain economic independence. The work in establishing the Foundation is being administered by Central Domestic Violence Service.

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4 in 3 – The Mason Minniss Fund

In memory of Mason, the Minniss family started the 4 in 3 The Mason Minniss Fund with support the of the Women’s & Children’s Foundation.

Their fundraising efforts help to give some comfort to the families in Adelaide who are patients of the Paediatric Palliative Care Service at the Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Their fundraising projects have helped with the creation of a Masonette Cupboard and contributions towards Butterfly Baskets.

View website


Backpacks 4 SA Kids

Backpacks 4 SA Kids

Backpacks 4 SA Kids is a proud SA Non-Profit Organisation supporting newborn babies through to teenagers who are placed into foster or emergency care.

Their goal is to provide an unlimited number of backpacks to relieve some of the trauma felt by the children of SA that are currently in the foster care system, domestic violence shelters or under duress in South Australia. The backpacks are full of useful items that these children can call their own, providing reassurance and comfort from their changing worlds.

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Backpacks 4 SA Kids – 2012 recipients of ‘Big Picture – The Give Back Initiative’

When we applied for the grant with the ‘Big Picture – The Give Back Initiative’ in 2012 we had a setup of a charity that could make a huge difference to the kids of South Australia, but no understanding of how to be able to promote what we thought we could achieve or how anyone else could help.  In our minds we were the core of a concept without the shell, the presentation nor any finesse.   To any charity the presentation is essential, we needed to be friendly and stand out above all the other amazing charities wanting help and wanting to be noticed.  Our basic requirements included Logo, Website, Flyers, Facebook Page, Twitter, Banners, Flags and bag tags all of which needed to be visually acceptable for adults, children, corporate business and the public.  We needed to be eye catching, child friendly, informative but not aggressive, to be able to raise awareness and realistically we needed it all and we started with nothing.

The team at Quisk Designs grasped the concept of our charity, they worked on the essentials of what we are, who we were aiming to help and also towards the people that could help us make a difference. They provided us with not only the presentation, they educated us in marketing, supported us, guided and groomed us to achieve bigger and better things than we ever believed possible, because they believe in the causes they choose for the Big Picture – The Give Back Initiative. You could tell from the first meeting this isn’t just a job for them; this is a way of making a difference to their community.  They see like their name suggests…’The Big Picture’ of what a difference our community can make when we work together.  I cannot possibly recommend them highly enough. The entire team created an atmosphere, environment and setting for our charity to thrive. We started helping 54 kids with backpacks in 2011 before being recipients of the “Big Picture – The Give Back Initiative’ and are now going to easily help over 2000 kids in 2014.  Our Facebook page was launched in October of 2012 with our new logo and has now reached nearly 3000 ‘likes’, our website has received acknowledgement from international supporters who not only loved our cause, but the way it was presented.  Our logo is eye catching for the corporate and adult followers, but friendly enough not to scare the children who we are reaching out to.  The sky is the limit now that the Quisk team have paved our way and we can’t wait to achieve everything they believe we can.  Thank you so much for all of your talent and guidance.

Rachael Zaltron
Project Coordinator

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Nominations will open on Wednesday 1st July 2015 for you to nominate your favourite and/or most deserving South Australian charity, not-for-profit or volunteer organisation to receive $10,000 of marketing and promotional services. To nominate, all you need to do is simply […]

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The 2014 Big Picture – The ‘Give Back’ Initiative has been awarded to Central Domestic Violence Service. This South Australian organisation will receive $9,000 gratis print, web and video services to assist them with their marketing and promotional activities. Central Domestic […]

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